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Podclass Lesson 3 overview

This is a short one! Episode 3 breaks down the 4 phases of the feminine cycle and what the body is already trying to accomplish in each phase. It details how to the 4 phases work together and how to take advantage of the overarching themes present in each one. Important Links: to learn […]

Poclass 2 Why Sync with Your Cycle?

Episode 2 delves into why we believe it’s so important for women to live in sync with our cycles. We explain why this cuts down on the “work” needed to overcome uncomfortable and stressful hormonal imbalances such as endometriosis, infertility, weight loss resistance, hormonal acne, and so much more…all while creating a health toolkit that […]

Podclass 1 Intro – Healthy Hormone [Re-upload]

An introduction to Megan and Alex, as well as details on what is covered in this 24 podclass series. Episode 1 explains the basic premise of the 4 Phase Cycle Approach and briefly explains what is happening in the body throughout the feminine cycle. It also goes into why someone would be interested in learning […]