Anxious Thoughts and Hypnotherapy

In this episode, Megan talks with Mandy Barbee and talked about her background and how she started with hypnotherapy.

This podcast covers:

  1. Listening to our body using the language of the subconscious. 
  2. What is NLP and what does it address?
  3. Ways to switch into parasympathetic nervous system operation

…And many more!

Mandy Barbee is a certified clinical hypnotherapist who has helped clients from more than 25 countries to rapidly eliminate anxiety using the power of imagery. She is the founder of Palladium Mind, which empowers people with tools to quickly master their emotions and thrive. The expertise Mandy shares through Palladium Mind is built not only on her certifications in altered states of consciousness, neuro linguistic programming, yoga, and mind-body connection, but also on her MA in Economics, years serving as a former US Air Force Officer, and leadership of teams in the private sector. Mandy is passionate about demystifying the power of hypnosis and sharing an easier way to completely heal anxiety; her clients routinely report results such as transforming paralyzing fear or anxiousness into happy confidence in 5 weeks or less. From leading F-22 flight line operations to manage financial performance and risk to leading rock and ice climb all across North America, Mandy is obsessed with creating massive, lasting & positive changes with others using practical actions and fun, natural tools.

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