What is Failure REALLY

Dr. Alex Golden challenges the common perception of failure as a negative experience, instead arguing that it’s an illusion. She offers strategies for reframing negative thoughts and overcoming failure, emphasizing the importance of a growth mindset and taking action towards personal growth. Dr. Golden also discusses the challenges of leadership and the importance of emotional […]

Toothpicks Determine Destiny

In this episode, Dr. Alex dives deep into the significance of understanding the vast amount of information our brains process every second and how it influences our destiny. She discusses practical strategies to rewire your mindset, address the root causes of mental and brain-related issues, and cultivate enduring confidence. Connect with us:   Follow us on […]

Wrong Kind Of Imposter Syndrome

In this episode, Dr. Alex Golden dives into the topic of imposter syndrome, describing it as a survival mechanism hardwired into our brains. She talks about the importance of identifying genuine guidance and using available resources to rewire our thinking and overcome imposter syndrome. Dr. Alex also touches on the value of coaching, recognizing our […]

Selling to People How Their Brain Thinks

Dr. Alex Golden discusses the broader definition of sales, which involves selling ideas and not just products or services. Emphasizing the importance of understanding the four bodies and how they work together to achieve transformation, she highlights the significance of individual communication styles and the different ways people process information. Additionally, she elaborates on the […]

Building a 7-Figure Business During School Hours with Nicole Culver

In this episode, Megan and our special guest, Nicole Culver, open up about scaling their businesses while keeping sustainability and growth in check. They talk about the vital lessons they’ve learned, like balancing growth with avoiding burnout, and the importance of staying focused and taking action. They also dive into the hurdles of marketing and […]

Talking To Ghosts Sometimes?

In this episode, Dr. Alex discusses the “ghosts” that influence us as we grow up, the pre-programmed beliefs we carry, and how acknowledging these can help us become more authentic individuals, particularly as leaders. Connect with us:   Follow us on IG: @becomingzesty Find us on FB: https://www.facebook.com/BecomingZesty Visit us at https://becomingzesty.com/  Join us for a 2 Day In-Person […]

Sharing Anger with God: Universe vs Blasting It

Dr. Alex talk about the complexities of managing anger in leadership roles while maintaining authenticity. She emphasizes the importance of being real and vulnerable in leadership, prioritizing authenticity in communication, and embracing authenticity in leadership journeys. She also encourages listeners to share personal transformations and execute plans to serve themselves and the world around them. […]

From Survival to Self-Mastery: A Mom’s Transformational Story

Megan and Sarah discuss the transformative impact of NLP training on their personal lives and their desire to help others. They highlight the addictive nature of the Big Six process in clearing up old emotional baggage and the importance of prioritizing self-care and emotional intelligence in motherhood. Connect with us:   Follow us on IG: @becomingzesty Find […]

Is This Right For Me Anymore?

Dr. Alex discuss the importance of recognizing when to persevere and when to stop in various aspects of life, as well as the significance of choice and commitment in personal growth. She emphasizes the need to be aware of signs and being open to change, and the importance of making conscious decisions and staying committed […]

Transforming Health Through Emotional Healing with Sophie Shepard

Megan and Sophie discuss the intertwining of mental and physical health, highlighting the importance of addressing emotional factors for hormonal balance. They promote natural methods and NLP for emotional healing, as well as exploring alternative health approaches. Connect with us:   Follow us on IG: @becomingzesty Find us on FB: https://www.facebook.com/BecomingZesty Visit us at https://becomingzesty.com/  Connect with Sophie: Follow […]