Radical Honesty with Megan & Nate

Megan is joined by a very special guest, her husband, Nate. Megan and Nate share personal backstories and recent realizations, revealing complexities and plot twists. They share their journey towards full honesty and vulnerability, and sharing their deepest secrets with each other. Join our 2-Day In-Person Transformation Experience & Workshop on January 19-20, 2024 Connect […]

How to Become a Nourished CEO

How to Become a Nourished CEO

Megan and Laura discuss the challenges of shifting from helping people in person to an online business, particularly in a crowded digital marketplace. They also discuss the stigma around making money in the healing industry. They emphasize the importance of recognizing the worth of one’s expertise and experience, especially in the context of health and […]

Self-Acceptance vs Loss of Self-Importance

Dr. Alex Golden reflects on her journey of acknowledging areas for personal growth and change in leadership, despite desiring an easy path. She emphasizes the importance of self-acceptance and self-compassion in personal growth. Join our 2-Day In-Person Transformation Experience & Workshop on January 19-20, 2024 Connect with Us: Follow us on Instagram: @becomingzesty & @zesty_nlp_training Visit us at www.becomingzesty.com for […]

Flowing With Your Cycle – Day 2

Let’s start our podcast season 10 with a 28-day series! Listen as Dr. Alex focuses on actionable items, raising awareness of what’s going on internally, and how to interact with that from a daily basis.  Today, we’re going to focus on learning how to listen to signals from our body, and some ideas that we […]

Peeling the Onion

In this episode, Dr. Alex talks about her journey with peeling the onion layers around her childhood trauma that she had. Dr. Alex feels that her experience is going to really resonate with you in terms of what health and life really looks like when you are working on yourself improving and becoming who you […]

Challenge your Mindset – Day 4

Today, we want to know: What does a zesty relationship with your body look like, for you? Don’t think about the barriers right now (health, age, finances, etc.) Just dream whatever vibrant dream you want. Join us Dr. Alex and Megan today in this special podcast episode about being free of these thoughts that can […]

Encore: Podclass 4 Release Phase

Join Megan and Dr. Alex today for the Encore series of our Pod classes. Episode 4 gets started on the details of the first phase, the Release Phase. This phase happens from days 1-7 (for a 28 day cycle) and is focused on releasing what no longer serves you, physically or mentally. With how the […]

Why Your Gut Issues Aren’t Getting Better

Protocols (and the prep that goes into it) are physically challenging, plus the mental and emotional aspects of having restrictive diets can be exhausting. In today’s podcast, Dr Alex talks about the gut and why it’s not getting better even if you’re doing protocols and diets. WANT MORE? And if you’d like to dive deeper […]