How Not To Have a Fear of Snakes

In this week’s Four Phase Cycle Podcast episode, Megan is once again joined by one of the most amazing Functional Diagnostic Nutrition Practitioners, Toréa Rodriguez. 

Toréa is an expert coach, wilderness retreat leader and former professional pilot. She has been a Functional Diagnostic Nutrition® Practitioner for more than 9 years and she works with clients all over the world to support and help reverse autoimmune disease & chronic illness. Today, she coaches her clients through their own unique transformational experience that is based in functional medicine principles yet takes it to a whole new level to understand and support their entire being so they can live their lives to the full, no-holds-barred version of their dreams!! 

In today’s episode, Toréa shared her big personal breakthroughs, what Reynaud’s syndrome is and what physical things she saw shift and were affected by it. They also discuss different coping mechanisms and subconscious reprogramming. In this episode, Torea also talks about turning to the natural world as a healing pallette and incorporating outdoor spaces. 


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