Is Secondary Gain Throwing off Your Results

Have you ever done something that you aren’t sure why you did it because it doesn’t seem to be inline with what you say you want? Or you keep working toward a different goal than you are getting? Well, I know Dr. Alex and I have and we’ve seen many many clients do the same thing.

I was interviewed recently by Torea & Evie on the Wildly Optimized Wellness (Season 1 Episode 5) podcast all about secondary gain. When the benefit of not doing something is bigger than the benefit of changing, or so your brain believes.

It is such an important topic I thought I would reshare the interview here.

Torea & Evie are both amazing Functional Diagnostic Nutrition Practitioners. 

Torea @torearodriguez at

Evie’s @holisticallyrestored is

Torea is one of the practitioners who attended our first even 7 day in person TAC practitioner training in Dallas last month, May 2022. Our next one will be in October 2022, or text practitioner to 757-767-5053


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