Manifesting Your Health with Kathrin Zenkina

Get inspired with today’s podcast featuring Kathrin Zenkina as she shares her journey from being the girl with low self-esteem to an uber-successful manifest-er! Join her and Megan and learn the importance of getting rid of your fears and practicing embodying manifestation.

Kathrin Zenkina is a number one Amazon best-selling author, powerhouse expert on the art of manifestation, master mindset coach, and founder of the globally renowned personal development brand Manifestation Babe.

She first began a journey of self-exploration and has since boomed into a multimillion dollar company. Manifestation Babe’s mission is to impact the world. By modernizing ancient wisdom and simplifying universal principles help women achieve their once impossible dreams. Living as an authentic example of what is possible when you activate the hidden power of the mind, Kathrin has inspired and transformed hundreds of thousands of lives worldwide.

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