Leading people through (inner) transformation

Accelerate Your Growth, Empower Others and Change the World

Leading people through (inner) transformation

Accelerate Your Growth, Empower Others and Change the World

Transformation can only happen if we address all 4 bodies – mind, heart, body, and soul.

It’s not that your clients are lacking tools and resources, it is that their subconscious patterns are holding them back. If your clients are hitting plateaus, following everything you’re subscribing to, and still not living to their highest potential, then you’re not truly serving them to get the results they need.

Zesty helps leaders transform themselves so they can do more good in the world. They guide transformation in a compassionate and honest way. Megan and Dr. Alex are strong, authentic, and somewhat spicy (in other words, zesty).

Megan & Dr. Alex captivate audiences by simplifying the complex world of health and mindset into bite-sized topics. They can tailor any of their expert topics to your needs.

Megan & Dr. Alex speak on the following topics:

Why Your Habits Aren’t Sticking

3 Reasons You Feel Like Giving Up on Your Dreams… And What to Do About It

How Our Daily Thoughts Affect Our Health and Why Our Beliefs Matter So Much

Some common questions hosts ask Megan & Dr. Alex:

How does my mindset change  or inform my habits? 

What is the most commonly left out part of transformation?

How do you overcome fear of change?

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Dr. Alex Golden and Megan Blacksmith are the co-founders of Zesty. They train coaches, practitioners and leaders with the tools for faster (inner) transformation without fighting themselves along the way through Functional NLP, (a combination of the principles of NLP), functional medicine and compassionate coaching. 

With over 10 years of personal health struggles that were overlooked by conventional medicine, they vow to make medicine and health easier to navigate. 

They believe that when we consider health from the perspective of the mind, body, heart AND soul, we allow ourselves to resolve our fragmentation. Living in a world that categorizes and addresses problems by organ systems causes fragmentation. However, healing comes from wholeness.

Their mission is to teach leaders, coaches, and practitioners to accelerate the transformation of their life experiences so they can empower others and change the world.

They are the founders of the Habit Transformation Accelerator (live event), Transformation Accelerator Program, and their unique in-person NLP certification program: Transformation Accelerator Foundations. 

You will find them sharing vulnerable stories, nerdy studies, habit hacking strategies and more on the Becoming Zesty Podcast, their favorite platform, which currently has over 2M downloads!

Learn more about Zesty at: www.BecomingZesty.com

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