Staircase Meditation

Daily guided visualization of the health, wealth and life you want. Walk down the staircase to your elixir bath for health, confidence shower and a place to view your dream life coming to fruition.

Dropping goals in your timeline

Ready to get clear on your goals? Want to drop them into your future so that you draw them into your life? Use this audio daily to manifest the life you want.

Box Meditation

Start your day by busting open the box of your beliefs! What’s on the other side of the walls you’ve created around you?

Transition Meditation

Ever go from a zoom call to a yoga class and then to your kid’s presentation and feel like you don’t want to take the energy from one activity into the next? We often feel we need a clean state and a new intention in our day, especially after a stressful interaction or focused activity. This 5 minute audio is designed to help you transition from one part of your day to the next. By the end you will have cleared the thoughts and energy from the past and get into state & in your power for the next part of your day.

4 Phase cycle Meditation

Enjoy a bundle of 4 meditations, one for each of the 4 phases of your cycle. Optimize what the brain is doing at each phase of your cycle.

Self Worth Hypnosis meditation

Discover your true self with this amazing journey to tap into your inner world and reconnect with the beauty and power you have inside of you.