Near Death Experience with Gianna Mauceri

Gianna Mauceri joins Megan as a special guest on this episode of The Zesty Ginger Podcast.

Originally from Sydney Australia, Gianna Mauceri is a spiritual mentor and counselor, with a background in integrative healing & yoga.

After eighteen years of hairdressing, Gianna was involved in a severe car accident which only helped her realize her true purpose was to help guide others who have experienced any kind of trauma and support them through their healing journey. Gianna now runs her own healing business in San Diego, California, offering Transpersonal Counseling & regular integrative healing trainings. She offers the healing tools that helped her survive, heal, and live a life of unconditional love and passion

In 2020, Gianna published her first book Soul of a Spirit Warrior, A True Story of Healing, Survival and Resilience, and will release her oracle card deck in 2023. Gianna continues to support others through her writing and the deep belief that we all have the ability to heal ourselves with the right tools.

Gianna shares how a car accident in 2016 changed and affected her life. In this episode, they talk about how she overcame the accident and discovered her purpose. She also gives advice to people who are still in the trauma phase of an experience.

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