Part 4: Drinking At Work

Have you experienced just not wanting to feel? Like you just want to bypass a situation’s “feeling” part and you think that if you go down the path of your emotions,you wouldn’t be able to handle it?

In this episode, Megan shares more about her experience with her husband who had an alcohol addiction. She also shares the top five tools she learned from attending Al Anon, a support group for family and friends of alcoholics.

Before you say this episode isn’t for you, because you don’t have anyone in your life that’s an alcoholic or has addictive behavior. If you look for happiness outside of yourself, if you think you are responsible for others feelings, thoughts, actions, choice, needs and well being.If you anticipate others’ needs, if you over commit, if you say yes when you mean no, if you say no when you mean yes, if you feel safest when giving, if you reject compliments or praise, you may greatly benefit from this episode.


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