Part 7: Missing Link to Addiction Recovery with Jeanne Foot

In today’s podcast episode, Megan is joined by a very special guest, Jeanne Foot.

Jeanne Foot is an Addiction and Recovery Specialist,  Podcast Host of Naturally High, Co-Author of The Epiphany Project, Master Practitioner, Trauma Recovery Facilitator, Trainer of NLP & Clinical Hypnotherapy & Life and Success Coaching, Jeanne Foot.   

Jeanne is the founder of The Recovery Concierge, a premier mental health concierge boutique, offering its client’s the best chance for sustainable recovery and an enhanced quality of life.  
Jeanne has been published in the Canadian Mental Health Journal, Elephant Journal and Thrive, and has been featured on This Naked Mind Podcast, LandMark Recovery Radio and more.  

Jeanne knows that all behavior has a purpose and substance abuse is not about drugs or alcohol, but rather the root causes that are beneath those compulsions are part of the emotional response caused by past trauma. The customized concierge support that Jeanne and TRC provide allows clients to move from ‘surviving to thrive with a 97% success rate.  

Realizing that the path to recovery is not always linear and supporting each individual and family through their own unique journey is the driving force behind Jeanne’s mission to change the misconceptions people have about the meaning of recovery.  
Want to work with us?  Just on the waitlist for our next Health Transformation Accelerator program where we break these topics down into a 7 step process to apply directly to anything you want to transform in your life! 


Connect with Jeanne:

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