Welcome to

The Becoming Zesty Podcast

Transform yourself and the world with compassion, one episode at a time on the Becoming Zesty Podcast

Welcome to

The Becoming Zesty Podcast

Transform yourself and the world with compassion, one episode at a time on the Becoming Zesty Podcast

The show that’s all about leading others through transformation with compassion.

Hosted by Megan and Dr. Alex, this podcast is perfect for leaders, practitioners, and coaches who are looking to transform themselves and the world around them.

With 15 years of experience in functional medicine and brain-based habit change, Megan and Dr. Alex know a thing or two about transformation. They’ve been there themselves, and they’re not afraid to share their raw and vulnerable truths to help you along your journey.

This podcast is for those who are ready to roll up their sleeves and participate in their own transformation. Megan and Dr. Alex will guide you through the process, sharing their own pitfalls and successes along the way.

So join us on the Becoming Zesty Podcast and let’s transform together with compassion.

The Becoming Zesty Podcast


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What is Failure REALLY

Dr. Alex Golden challenges the common perception of failure as a negative experience, instead arguing that it’s an illusion. She offers strategies for reframing negative

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Hi, We’re Megan and Alex

The founders of Zesty!

We help coaches, practitioners, and leaders to accelerate their transformations by finding wholeness in their lives through our signature functional NLP and 4-bodies framework. 

We help you discover what it truly means to create a life that feels good to you, is aligned with your goals, and provides you with the tools to sustain, build and maintain this lifestyle. 

We’ve experienced firsthand what it’s like to feel fragmented between what you’re projecting to the world and how you want to be showing up.  

During our journey, we’ve discovered that our mindsets, emotions, and physical body all had to work together. Now we teach others how to do this too. 

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