Podclass 11 Pause Phase Action Items

Episode 11 outlines and explains the most important action items for the last phase of the cycle, the Pause phase. The two phases prior to this one are all about moving forward and establishing new, healthier habits. The Pause phase asks us to slow down, once again doing some retrospective work on how our goals align with our overall lives.

 One major pitfall that women run into in terms of meeting their goals is that they have an all-or-nothing mentality. In living in sync with the cycle, periods of action and reflection allow for “cheating”–which is another way to say that this allows for freedom from perfection or rigidity.

This last phase is similar to the Plateau phase in that good detoxification pathways are actively supported. With estrogen dominance and conditions like PMS, acne, fatigue, and emotional instability on the rise, helping to support metabolism and elimination of excess hormones and hormone-mimicking substances is crucial.

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