Podclass 7 Pause – HH

Episode 7 rounds out the last phase of the cycle, the Pause Phase. This phase happens from days 22-28 (for a 28 day cycle) and marks the transition point from one cycle to the next. This portion of the cycle is where the most amount of women have issues, everything from hormonal acne, migraines, cravings, bloating, and mood swings. In supporting a smooth transition from one cycle ending to a new one beginning, it paves the way for rapid health improvements.

This last phase of the cycle is even more strongly focused on proper mobilization, metabolism, and elimination of hormones…and this involves a healthy detoxification system in the body. As this process begins working more smoothly, it sets the stage for each following cycle.

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Zestyginger.com to learn more about the 4 Phase Cycle Approach. Read zestyginger.com/phases for a more thorough explanation of what happens at each phase.

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Zestyginger.com/healthyhormones to join our 3 month Healthy Hormones Group Program. This program includes functional lab work with a complete hormone and neurotransmitter panel, with a personalized protocol created for each participant based on their results.