Podclass Lesson 5 Rise

Episode 5 gets specific on the second phase of the cycle, the Rise Phase. This is one of our favorite phases! This phase happens from days 8-14 (for a 28 day cycle) and is characterized by a powerful surge in hormone creation. With the insight gained from the introspective Release phase, this is the phase to get things done and be a boss babe!

But it’s not about getting more done on a never-ending to do list. We want to get very specific with our goals for the cycle so that we can be most effective with the least amount of stress. Whether that’s doing an elimination diet, starting a new exercise regimen, or promising yourself that you’ll get to bed earlier each night, this is the time to build up new habits in a way that is sustainable and effective.

The Rise Phase is similar to the first phase (Release) in that the emphasis on the inflammatory system–and all of the systems that work with it–is highlighted.  A dysfunctional inflammatory system of any cause will hinder good hormone production and often leads to problems with ovulation. By supporting these actions to happen healthfully, it sets up a healthy rest of the cycle.

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