S2E16 Interview with Anya Kaats on Emotional Healing


In this episode we interview Anya Kaats about how many of her health complaints were rooted in trauma and her emotional state.

Anya is a writer, photographer and astrologer who lives in Topanga, CA. Professionally she spent much of the last 10 years working in creative marketing for natural products brands. A former health & wellness blogger, health coach and someone who suffered from lifelong health issues, Anya finally found healing after confronting and diving into the emotional root of her body’s physical symptoms. With her new Podcast, “A Millennial’s Guide to Saving the World,” Anya hopes to inspire others to do both the internal and external healing that’s so needed at this time.

In this episode, Anya Kaats shares her experience of being on an herbal protocol guided by functional medicine that during one period of her life restored her health and later while on the same protocol she couldn’t get out of bed.  This led her to understand the power of her emotions as she discovered that was essentially the only difference. Through this realization she dove into astrology, therapy, music and many other alternative paths to restore health.

She shares her story of loss, grief, codependency authenticity in this powerful episode.

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