S2E22 Interview with Samantha Stupak on Bioresonance Testing

In this episode Alex and Megan interview Samantha Stupak all about Balanced Health lab that offers BioEnergetic testing of your hair and saliva sample.  We are always looking for a way to help clients understand what they need to address first. This type of testing offers a method of understanding what your body views as the biggest offender.  We talk about how bioresonance scans work, who this type of testing is best for and when it might not make sense.   

Samantha Stupak is an expert in the field of BioEnergetic Medicine.  She has devoted her life to helping others that struggle with health like she once did.  She founded Balanced Health and PetMedella in 2011 with an effort to help people and animals around the world.  She has an undergraduate degree in Engineering from the University of Wisconsin-Stout, is a CNHP from the National Association of Certified Natural Health Professionals, exceeded expectations while attending Energetix College of BioEnergetic Medicine, and was privileged enough to be able to study directly under one of the leading Lyme Literate doctors in BioEnergetic Medicine.  Her thirst for helping others is relentless, and she is on a constant quest to learn and also educate others

How to Order a Scan for Yourself:

Go to http://creatingbalancedhealth.com/ and use coupon code ZestyGinger for $15 off!!  You can choose between packages that offer monthly scans or just a single scan.  Samantha mentions in the podcast that 3 months in a row of scans is most often the sweet spot.  

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