S4E1 Healing Hashimotos

In today’s episode, Megan chats with Tracey Grant and Carly Johnson Brawner about Hashimotos! Hashimoto’s affects millions of people in the US alone and is the most common thyroid disorder in America.  

Tracey is the registered dietitian, blogger, and Hashimoto’s advocate behind Whole Daily Life. Having overcome her own autoimmune and digestive concerns, she now specializes in helping others do the same. She recently co-created The Healing Hashimoto’s Course to help educate about healing from autoimmunity through lifestyle modification and using food as medicine. She is passionate about making good nutrition approachable and sustainable as a way for anyone to improve their health in a practical way.

Carly Johnson Brawner is a functional nutrition coach, Hashimoto’s advocate, and wellness enthusiast living in Austin, TX. Her career came to fruition through her own experiences healing from autoimmunity with real food and a root cause approach. She currently works with clients  helping them optimize their overall health, improve their autoimmunity, and learn the foundations of living in a state of balanced wellness. She co-created the Healing Hashimoto’s Course to help other women with Hashimoto’s take control of their health.

In this episode we cover:

  • Symptoms of Hashimotos
  • How common is Hashimotos?
  • How Hashimoto’s is typically treated
  • Functional and holistic approaches to Hashimotos
  • How to find the right medication for Hashimotos
  • Being empowered while working with your doctor


The Healing Hashimoto’s Course 

Connect with Tracey Grant, RDN, CWHC



Connect with Carly Johnson Brawner



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