S4E2 It Might Be Mold

It Might Be Mold

In today’s episode, Megan interviews Dr. Ann Shippy. 

Can you imagine, after experiencing your own health challenges and figuring out that there is a better way, that you decide to go to medical school yourself and pioneer a whole new way to practice medicine? After a decade of working as an IBM engineer, Dr. Ann Shippy became discouraged that traditional medicine couldn’t find answers to her own health ailments, so she did her own research that led her to leave engineering to attend the University of Texas Medical School. Dr. Shippy is a dynamic leader in the area of Functional Medicine, meaning she uses science and personalized attention to treat the whole person, looking for root causes and not just bandaging symptoms. Her interests and areas of expertise are autoimmunities, neurology, gastrointestinal disorders, infertility and pregnancy, and environmental factors such as mold toxicity. Dr. Shippy is the author of two books and has been serving patients for over 15 years in her thriving practice based in Austin, Texas.

In this episode we cover:

  • symptoms of mold exposure
  • What is the difference between mildew and mold 
  • What are mycotoxins, and what is the difference between mycotoxins and other toxins such as arsenic, lead, and mercury
  • How do we test to see if we have mold or mycotoxins in our body
  • How to optimize detoxification of mold
  • How to detox children from mold
  • What to do about travel to protect yourself
  • How to decide what needs to be tossed or can be kept in your house (furniture, clothes, books, etc) 

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