S5E20 DNRS and Rewiring Your Brain

n today’s episode, Megan and Dr. Alex talk about DNRS (Dynamic Neural Retraining System) and other limbic system retraining programs.


They share their experience with the program as well as how our current situation with the coronavirus is causing many of us to be in limbic system loops.

This podcast episode is sponsored by Microbalance health products – The creator of EC3 Mold solution concentrate, laundry additive, Mold Screening Test Plates (and even EC3 candles to help reduce mold and mycotoxin levels in the indoor air!).


It has been interesting to see the reaction to the coronavirus to people who are dealing with this kind of invisible thing that we feel threatened by.  I think I would be in a different place right now if I didn’t have the tools from DNRS and have dealt with a similar type of thing with mold. And because of this, Dr. Alex and I wanted to share our experience with it and make you aware of it if it might be a good fit for you.

I bet there is going to be a huge need for DNRS in the coming months, as many people are entering a highly reactive limbic system loop because they are in a place where they do not feel their environment is safe.

Once this happens, we start to react to everything.  Sounds, foods, supplements and the biggest trigger for many is smells and chemicals…

For those of us who have dealt with mold, lyme, chronic pain, autoimmunity or right now in the midst of the cornovirus quarantine,  you probably can relate to how strong chemicals, air fresheners, perfumed detergents and the link can really throw your body into a tailspin.  Headaches, dizziness, brainfog to rashes.  

This is why we have partnered with a company like MicroBalance Health Products.  

Now, more than ever, we are trying to help people to understand the value of using EC3 in their homes as part of an overall mold and bacterial maintenance protocol to reduce fungal, viral, and bacterial antigens. We feel that using products that do not work against your body’s natural defense mechanisms and trigger your limbic system is really important right now.  is the way to go right now with COVID-19. It is a scary and uncertain time, but prevention should be the name of the game.

According to the EPA, the protocol for using citric acid for disabling the Coronavirus you would spray or apply the EC3 Mold Solution to a surface and allow it to stay in contact for 5 minutes before wiping or could just allow it to air dry. Treat shoes before going inside, treat upholstered furniture, spray shopping bags, spray surfaces, spray the air. It is perfectly safe to breathe in.

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