Not In This Economy?

Dr. Alex Golden explains how our beliefs shape what we perceive in the economy, as our brain processes vast amounts of information but only consciously acknowledges a select few. She encourages individuals to take control of their lives and pursue their dreams despite external circumstances.

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Hello, hello, hello, welcome to The Becoming Zesty podcast so glad that you’re here. No matter where you are joining from in the world or what time of day it is, we are happy that you have joined us. And we hope that you’re having a great day. So today we are going to be talking about the economy. Now, of course, that’s not our usual topic, although here is SD, we don’t really exclude much of any topic from life because, hey, if we all have to deal with it, then it’s something that is worth talking about. One of the things that is happening now is that a lot of people are beginning to hear and even maybe say things like, Oh, well, can’t do that. And this economy can’t do this. And this economy, oh, we can’t this is capita, this economy that this is, you know, not allowed to this economy. And it is one of those differentiating times on the planet. They happen every so often not even that rarely anymore, it seems like. But it seems like every so often something happens on a collective level, where we see the interplay between the the masses of people who, who follow others lead, and the people who don’t follow that lead, right. So what I mean by that is, usually when things are kind of steady in the world is kind of comfy, and as is to us and not not much is going on. For the most part, everyone is thinking on a set and forget it kind of mindset. And it’s only when there’s real issues that people are like, Hold on, wait, let me you know, the stories always go like this happen. And then I had the aha and my eyes were open, and then I changed my life. And yeah, so that’s all cool. And then when things like this happen, where there’s like big shifts in the economy, or you know, a global pandemic kind of thing, or whatever it may be. That’s where you start to see a lot of fear coming into the conversation. That is to say, people start looking around and going, what was the past? Like, what did when did we last see this? And they begin to draw parallels? That is just common to the brain, right? Because the if the brain is wired for so survival and efficiency, well, then it’s always using the past as evidence to future forecast to say what will happen. And as leaders, that’s essentially the functionality of that for leaders matters. That choice to say, How am I responding to it? What am I thinking? Is my fear getting activated because of the collective fear? And how much am I choosing to prioritize that fear, as in how much of my life will get dictated by that fear? is a question that leaders will ask themselves. And, for the most part, other people will take it as fact, the economy’s bad, therefore you can’t blank right? It’s the reality has been set, Megan and I talked about, you know, our beliefs and our thinking as filters in our mind, because our mind and our brain picks up at crazy amount of information every single second, but just for sanity sake, and plus that survival and efficiency. You know, we are not consciously aware of all of that information, we distill it down by deleting, distorting and generalizing down to kind of the general picture, right? Because the economy’s generally bad or the economy’s generally good. And so the way that we will learn it is like the you can if your brain is actually picking up a couple million in the 10s of million bits of information per second, and you get it down to even a couple of 100 or over 100. Then you it’s kind of like dropping all those toothpicks into a room. But you can only pick up 100 Some at once. And all the other millions and millions and millions are just getting pumped in every second. So it’s kind of like which toothpick are we going to pick up vastly is determined by who we are and what we believe to be true. Right? Whatever we are expecting to see, we’ll be more likely to see now. Can we have other things that impact that of course, and that’s where we got the shakeups and the highs and all that stuff, and that’s cool, but oftentimes people don’t want to wait for the wake up call. They’re like, Oh, I’m waiting for the other shoot it up. I don’t like that kind of thing. And that makes sense. I don’t like that either. But that’s kind of what it is. If we keep waiting there we necessitate that life has to drop the other shoe just to match up To saying, Oh yeah, My life sucks too because we the economy, and it’s kind of like why do we even need a really wait for that? And that just depends how you answer depends on how you see yourself. So those of us who feel called to do bigger things, even if you’re like, I haven’t even figured that out. I know, I’m here to do something. But I don’t know what that looks like. That’s cool. You’re in the right place here, because those people tussling with that question, are still in a very different place than those not right. And in a general sense, it’s it’s kind of a blessing, in my opinion, that our dreams and the desires of our hearts won’t really leave us alone, right? Like we can use the economy, we can use circumstances, we can use our partners, and we can use our kids as an excuse or finances or time or any number of things. But ultimately, it’s like the results are for you. So we can we can say, oh, I can explain this. But who are you explaining to? And why. Right? Why is that necessary? Or do you still really want the results? Because if you still really want the results, then playing by the circumstances is dicey. It’s a way to let the world dictate what we will have, what we can have, what we deserve, what we think is possible for us. And the the worst, that collective conversation is like, oh, gosh, we’re all going down. Generally speaking, you see, the, this is where decisions get made on who we are, there’s people in this economy, you know, stock market starts to go on sale, so to speak, I’m totally saying that jokingly, but basically, there’s, there’s people at these times, and they’re a small proportion of the population, where they will see that fear, they will fear, feel the fear, they will decide who they are. And they will figure out ways and resources and tools to move forward anyways, and they will become very successful at these times. Right? There was a lot of people who came up in 2008, there was a lot of people who came out during the pendine. And so those Yes, overwhelmingly, the the majority didn’t feel like exactly what that conversation was, but not everyone. And that’s, that’s the whole thing is that that’s not determined by chance, per se. Now, you know, people have opportunities, whatever we got to ask, why do they have those opportunities? What happened there? But at the end of the day, right, what do we have control over? Who Who are we deciding to be and how much of that identity are we going to hand over to the world, how much of that is going to lie and saying, I’m going to listen to this and make sure that I do XYZ now. We are also huge proponents and having strong financial plans and support and all of that, as in, I have a financial advisor, I work with him that all of that is taken care of as in, I think about that from a responsibility standpoint.

It is just one of the things I have to account for kind of like, huh, it’s raining, I should pack an umbrella. But that’s different than saying, Oh, it’s raining, therefore, I can’t be the person I said I want to be today. Right? And that’s a very I can be that person with an umbrella is a very different level of thinking. And so there have been times for Megan and I were there wasn’t any funds. You know, there wasn’t. And we still work to create those financial structures and those things even without much of anything to show for. And as we began to behave like the people that we said we were, the reality began to match up over time not magically I think a lot of people take that like oh, it’s all metaphysical is is what Yes, I believe in the magic of the universe and that lineups and all like magical synchronicities and all that stuff are totally available to us and miracles and all of that but at the end of the day, there is real brain wiring realities included in that right like those are just choices that we get to make it’s not that some people have you know, a shiny Halo and then that’s how they get identified. Sometimes it’s just other people have made decisions we haven’t made and if they have made them hey, guess what? We can make them too we might be later and making them but who cares because again, as an adult, you know we get to the place where yes, we can have bosses to answer to and responsibilities. At the end of the day our results our own right we get the desires of our heart and we go for our dreams just because we feel like we deserve it. Because we want it because we want to have that and we want to experience it right? And so at the end of the day, it really does come down to what do I need to do? Even with this stuff, even with this included, what Who do I need to be? And what do I need to do? And what does that person think about and feel about? And how do they move out in the world? I’m going to do that because I’m not going to let the world decide who I am. I will decide who I am. And the more of us that do this will be a huge help to the world to bring a different kind of conversation forward and help everyone on this planet get to their hopes, their dreams, and all of those amazing things we want for ourselves and future generations. So with that, have a wonderful week. We’ll catch you on the next episode.