The Power of NLP for Health, Behavior & Epigenetic

In this podcast episode, Deb Yager joined Megan in an exclusive podcast interview. 

Deborah Yager is a powerhouse with an unusual journey that only strengthens her as a Master Coach & Master Trainer. NLP found Deb several years ago, and it was a match made in Heaven. Her past struggles with sexuality, addiction, and negative self talk were hurdles in her life that NLP helped her overcome. On the other side of those hurdles was a brand new self empowered Deb – full of big ideas and the desire to create change.

They talked about (1) quantum healing, (2) how trauma can be stored in the body, 

(3) Emotional intelligence (connection to mind and the body) behavior, (4) Power of NLP –  What is that anyway and (4) the timeline as the key of epigenetics!


This podcast is sponsored by TOP the organic project. 

TOP the organic project is a women-owned, social impact brand that is bringing fun to femcare!  TOP was founded by two fearless moms who are raising the standard for period care by bringing innovation to a space that has lacked transparency and sustainability. 

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