Transformation Accelerator Foundations

with Zesty

Discover the tools and techniques to get you and your clients amazing results with ease and flow. Say GOODBYE to hustle culture and HELLO to ALIGNED ACTION.

Transformation Accelerator Foundations

with Zesty

Discover the tools and techniques to get you and your clients amazing results with ease and flow. Say GOODBYE to hustle culture and HELLO to ALIGNED ACTION.

NLP Practitioner 7-Day Certification

NLP Practitioner 7-Day Certification

October 12, 2024 – October 18, 2024
Dallas, TX

What Leaders, Coaches and Practitioners have to say about working with zesty…

“Letting Go of Fear”

“I came to work on my self confidence. It’s been interesting to find the fear that was holding me back within myself. Being in this specific container, I was able to recognize the different layers of fear that I had taken in over time and let them go, reframe those feelings so that I could move forward and speak confidently.”  

Abigail Jardine

Office Manager

“Completely Changed- Can’t Even Describe How Amazing!”

“This community has been incredible! Being able to process for myself and help others process things that are going on in their life has been AMAZING. I’m looking forward to integrating this into my daily life and using these tools moving forward.”

Dana Hanson

Hypnotherapist, NLP & Mindset Coach

“If Not for Your Business, Do it for Yourself and for Your Life and Your Family.”

“I came here after my first year of business as a super frustrated business owner. I didn’t even recognize that I didn’t believe in abundance. What I found during the training was not only myself, but the deep seeded beliefs that have been driving the bus my entire life. My inability to value myself- believing that love is unconditional, that I am worthy to show up and be myself and I have something beautiful to offer. I found that here! I now have such intense clarity for what I’m doing in this world and how specifically it needs to be done. I cannot recommend this program enough!”

Jeanetta Bodie

Owner/Founder & Yoga Teacher Training Director at Iron Crane Yoga 

“Transformative and Amazing”

“Before coming to this training, I was doing all the right things. I’m a functional medicine practitioner – I was taking all my own advice and was still struggling with my health and I knew there were things deeper in my subconscious that were keeping me stuck in a way that I didn’t have access to. This week was really incredible because it showed me what those beliefs were and allowed me to integrate new beliefs in a way that’s completely expanded my potential. It feels amazing and exciting!”

Mary Stratos

Functional Medicine Practitioner, Lifeforce

“I Knew There Was Something More for Me.”

“I am a veteran with PTS and struggled with it for many years before I got help. I knew there was something more for me. Coming into this training, I was already even better having worked with Dr. Alex and Megan in their virtual group program for the last year and a half. I came to become confident running a group and what I came out with was the confidence to coach 1-on-1… never in a million years could I have imagined this because I was so afraid of it… I’ve learned that I have a gift for this. I am so excited to work with people 1-on-1 and run group programs.”

Jules Rolfe

Jules the Youthful

“Fully Equipped to Use These Tools to Help My Clients Achieve Their Goals and Desires.”

“I have been a dietician for about 6 years and I have learned that I can create the best meal plan, the best protocol, but there was always some gap in them following my directions. I realized that I needed some tools to help my clients to be able to do what they wanted to do. After completing the training, I feel fully equipped to use these tools to help my clients get their goals and desires. From this I feel confident that I have a framework and processes and can help my clients do what they want to do.

Cassy Rivard

Dietician, Atlas Nutrition and Wellness

Are you ready to…

Are you ready to…


You can impact the world, HAVE FUN

and TRULY THRIVE in all areas of your life.

You can impact the world, HAVE FUN and TRULY THRIVE in all areas of your life.

What is NLP?

NLP (Neuro Linguistic Programming), is both an art and a science. It combines the mental and emotional components of our neurology (like our fight or flight response) with how we communicate with others and ourselves. The ways we communicate along with our past experiences, thoughts and emotions combine to create an internal operating system that affects how we live our lives.

Much of this is operating in the background, or in our unconscious mind. NLP uses tools and techniques to tap into the unconscious mind and help us to shift our thoughts so in order to achieve our goals and get the results we desire.

Why get certified?

Whether you’re a practitioner looking for a way to get your clients better results, a coach experiencing money mindset challenges, or a leader wanting to step into a bigger role, you can make a difference in your life and the lives of others by incorporating NLP practices into your programs and your lifestyle. NLP is a way of being. And it’s magical!

It’s not that your clients are lacking tools and resources, it is that their subconscious patterns are holding them back. If your clients are hitting plateaus, following everything you’re subscribing to, and still not living to their highest potential, then you’re not truly serving them to get the results they need.

If you’re feeling called to serve at a higher level, and serve your highest calling, making a leap is key to subconscious level. If we want to change habits, drop old beliefs and truly uplevel our life, we need to tap into the thoughts that are operating at the unconscious level and preventing us from taking the actions we need to get results.

getting there. These certifications will give you the tools and techniques you need to do just that and you’ll walk away with a proven framework for getting your client’s results faster.

Much of our transformation takes place at the subconscious reprogramming is the #1 tool to fast track your client results (and your own!) working WITH the brain instead of against it!

Are you ready to lead your clients through inner transformation
without them fighting themselves along the way?

Meet Your HOSTS

Hi, we’re Megan and Dr. Alex, the founders of Zesty!

We help coaches, practitioners, and leaders accelerate their transformation by finding wholeness in their lives through our signature functional NLP program, 4-bodies framework and others.

We help you discover what it truly means to create a life that feels good to you, is aligned with your values, and provides you with the tools to build and maintain this lifestyle.

“We help people go


“We help people go from FRAGMENTED, to WHOLE.

Between us, we’ve experienced endometriosis, chronic pain, infertility, and a big health crash after giving birth. So, like many people, we turned to conventional— and even functional— medicine before realizing it wasn’t enough.

We weren’t able to heal ourselves in the ways we needed to. So we took it upon ourselves to find our own solutions.

While we each had our own journey, we discovered that our mindsets, emotions, and physical body all had to work together.

Once we started bringing all of these components together, we not only healed, but found real health. True, good health. So we started teaching others how to find this too.

We quickly realized that our unique approach could be used to accomplish and accelerate ANY transformation. And once we started teaching leaders, we saw how rapidly this could change the way medicine, business and life is taught.


Katie Hillukka


This is exactly why we created…

Transformation Accelerator Foundations

We teach you how to guide yourself through transformation in a compassionate and honest way, and be able to do the same for others.

Our certification is different from others in that we approach things from a functional medicine lens. Which means that in addition to learning NLP frameworks, you’ll also learn how functional medicine and compassionate coaching contribute to faster results for you and your clients.

Our unique integrated approach is the only transformation method that addresses the 4 bodies – physical, mental, emotional and energetic, which leads to complete wholeness.

Functional NLP is the most accelerated way to rewire your brain for optimal health, leadership and success.

Receive 4 Certifications to Grow
Your Coaching Business

Our NLP Practitioner Certification will dive into the following concepts:


so that you can bust through the BS and live out your full potential


to gain trust of your unconscious mind and therefore easily implement habits, strategies and the identity of the person you want to be


as a way to access powerful states at any point


to change how you feel about a triggering topic easily and effortlessly


to calm your physical body and get it on board with the change you want to make

Emotional processing

so that you do not store emotions in the body that lead to dis-ease and incongruency

Our Quantum Time Technique Certification™ will help you rewrite limiting beliefs and remove the charge of negative emotions holding you back. You’ll learn how to break free of old self sabotaging patterns from the past so that you can move forward in life with clarity and self-empowerment.

The Hypnosis Certification assists with rewiring your brain for what you DO want. This is a calm, low effort way to subconsciously reprogram your brain when you’re resting, sleeping and moving through life.

And our NLP Life Coaching Certification includes an easy to follow plan to work with clients and make money as soon as you leave. You’ll be clear on how to move clients from interested prospects to raving fans that stick around long term.

With all these EFFECTIVE STRATEGIES at your fingertips,

you’ll undeniably be the BEST VERSION of yourself!

With all these EFFECTIVE STRATEGIES at your fingertips, you’ll undeniably be the BEST VERSION of yourself!

And this is how we’re going to do it, together!

Inside this 7-day, in-person program,
you’ll receive:

Inside this 7-day, in-person program, you’ll receive:

As soon as you enroll you will have access to our signature Transformation Accelerator Essentials course so you can start immersing yourself in the language and getting excited for all the good things coming your way!

“I felt very stuck in my life and I had a lot of emotions that had built up that needed to be released so I could have more clarity and actually see things in a new way. I had been in over a year of therapy and EMDR. I’m super excited because after this training I feel more aligned and I was able to experience a sense of wholeness that I’m not sure I’ve ever felt before.”

Kylene Terhune

FDN-P, Transformation Recovery Coach

“Within 4 Months of Level 1 Certification, I had my first 20K month and was working LESS.”

Dr. Kirstin Lauritzen

High Performance Coach for Athletes, NW Functional Medicine

“I’m so excited that now I have these tools that I can use for myself, my business, my life, my family. It has been an AMAZING experience. I highly encourage anyone and everyone to GO FOR IT!”

Kathy Batista

Mindfulness, Mindset, and Mood Coach

If you’re done with feeling frustrated at your lack of
results and you’re ready to understand and reprogram
the deep-rooted beliefs holding you back then let’s get
these powerful tools right into your hands.

Want to hear about other attendees’ experience of Transformation Accelerator Foundations? Check out what 4 of our students shared on stage at our last event:

Your investment for the 7-day in-person certification is $8,000 USD

Questions About the Training? Looking for a Payment Plan?

Email support@becomingzesty.com to Chat with Our Team!

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