What Your 7-Year-Old Self Does to Avoid Transformation

Megan shares her experience working with her 7-year-old daughter to understand her subconscious mind and make decisions. In this episode, Megan also talks about overcoming self-doubt and guilt in business, using hypnosis and resources for transformation, transformational leadership, and personal growth. 

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Podcast Transcript:

Megan Blacksmith  

Hello there. Megan here, co founder of zesty Welcome Back to Our Podcast are so so happy to have you here. I’m going to go into a topic today. I learned so much from my children, anybody else have them? Do you learn from them, learn from them, it can be tough at times. And I learned so much, especially from my younger child right now. Because because she’s seven, she’s still in that zero to seven where we’re forming the subconscious. And the cool part about that is I get to actually see in real time in front of me like what my own subconscious mind is doing. Because she’s mirroring back. And here she is like right in front of me looking back. So today we’re gonna go into a whole scenario I had with my seven year old daughter that has really helped me understand what my little girl is doing inside when I make decisions. Before we get into that, I just want to remind you or announce, if you haven’t already heard with the doors are open to our transformation accelerator program, whether you’re coming to join us for the 12 week online group, or whether you have said yes, I’m all in and want to come to the seven day in person certification training that we hold twice a year. And you’ll also get to bundle and join our online program as well. We are so excited to welcome you. We have had the privilege and honor of working with women who really are and men, women and men. We’ve just historically had so many more women in our groups, although I do have men in our upcoming trainings and working with people who are really ready to unleash new levels of performance and creativity. Right. So they’ve realized that what they do impact others, they’ve realized that they are here to lead something. They’re here to create something and they want to leave a legacy. They want to really tap into that thing they know they’re here to do, that they’ve maybe been feeling blocked about been procrastinating or terrified, terrified to do I know that was us back in the day. Yes, very terrified to do it. So we’re excited because when people are looking back at the end of 12 B weeks, they’re surprised that that was the person who came into it. They’re surprised that they were even struggling to get started. Because once you found that thing, that thing that lights you up once you’re ready to create that business, once you’re ready to say like yes, yes, I’m going to do this. Yes, I’m all in. We’ve found that the path just lights up for you. And yes, there is, you know, Step seven, there’s always step seven of our process where there is a little uplevel and there is a little pushback from the brain. Because if it wasn’t pushed back from the brain, then then you’re not doing something new. Right? So if you’ve been wanting to do the TED Talk, write the book that people can’t put put down host the retreat that’s changing people’s lives. Whatever you want to do that you’ve been blocking yourself do being the leader of you, being the leader of your life, being the leader of your family, being the leader of your community, being the leader of the world, yes, cliche, and we need that we need that. We are here to help you train far faster. And that’s our whole shtick here, it’s St. We love transformation. But even more than that, we love tools and resources resource up all day long. So we can transform faster, removing energetic blocks, removing physical blocks, removing emotional blocks, removing mental blocks, covering all four of the bodies, so that we can have us and all four bodies on board to go towards what we want. That is when things happen really fast. That’s when people go, Oh, she’s an overnight success. Oh, that was so easy for her. No, she was for seven years removing the blocks that were stopping her from being a person who believed that she could have that she was doing the things, trust me, anyone who has huge success, they were doing the things because they have to be aligned in all of those bodies, they have to be aligned in all their senses, what they’re seeing what they’re hearing, what they’re saying to their self, how they feel about it all has to be aligned for you to get to go where you want and get what you want. And we know what that takes. And that’s why we’ve created seven steps to get you to that end, we’ve created a week long certification so that you can help other people so that you can use this in your business, whatever you want to do. We are here for you please reach out with any questions. We just open this program up twice a year. So we would love love, love to have you. It’s very exciting for us as new cohorts of amazing humans transforming go through because we see the difference beginning to end, we see people showing up differently standing in their power differently, we see them making decisions differently. And that to us is everything, especially the making decisions. Because each moment in your life is essentially making a decision, you’re always making a decision. You’re like, Which way am I going to go next? Am I going to be totally vulnerable? Am I going to be totally authentic? Or am I going to give into the peer pressure? Am I going to do the thing that everybody told me I have to do am I going to stay in the corporate job because like me, because of the benefits, right? We start to be able to make more authentic decisions and go towards what we want. And that is what we want for all of you. For all of you. So come on and join us. Okay. Oh, and there’s a lot of very cool bonuses this round. We are always have people come in and speak but we do have an amazing guest expert this time, we always have our human design expert. We always have Pam, the founder at m to institute talk about brain chemistry. And this time we have a new guest Tracy Goodwin is going to be speaking about how speaking which is interesting because that’s what she does is helping us understand how the sounds coming out of our mouth, what we say how we say at the tone, the pauses, the filler words how those are actually telling other people unconsciously What, what’s going on, and if there’s fears and all these things going on underneath, like if we’re trying to sell something, whether it’s a product or just an idea we’re selling all the time, right? Like we’re selling our kids on broccoli we’re selling I’m like, I want to go to this movie. So if underneath that, the the sound that’s coming out, and what the subconscious of the other person is, no, this person doesn’t actually believe they deserve that or they’re afraid to be asking for what they need or they will feel that and they will feel the mismatch and they will not buy from you. They will not you will not be the leader. So we’ve added this as a bonus. It’s going to be super, super cool. Come on down and check it out. We can’t wait to have you. Alright, so today’s topic. My little peachy I went on a trip recently, we went to a wedding. One is like my, my very earliest friend in life. She and I were best friends. I think at five years old kindergarten, when we’d have sleepovers, we used to run next to the car. Like when one of the people was leaving, we would like run with them be like No, don’t leave. So we were superduper close. And the cool thing is we’ve stayed in contact even though we’ve come in and out of contact and we have these daughters who are essentially twins. We came back together when they were both three. And we were like whoa, it was just it’s crazy. They sound the same they look the same. It’s just super interesting. Anyway, we were going to her wedding. And she is an amazing example of a leader and a successful person and doing things unconventionally because she and her now husband have bought a farm. It’s a totally organic farm in Massachusetts and they’re just doing really really cool things. So we’re going to this wedding and it was over Labor Day weekend and my daughters will have started school and because you know this was a spear gonna be a very small wedding, my older Her daughter was allowed to be there with because her friend her, my friend’s daughter is the same age so that way they would have buddies at the wedding. But the younger kids were not invited, which I totally understand, because then there would be tons of them, right? Like under five or seven. So my younger daughter was not invited. So we were kind of just trying to decide pros and cons of like, should she come with us on this trip? Or shouldn’t she because we would have to find a sitter, there would be someone we didn’t know. You know, she’d have to fly there. She’s really not into moving things, like things that move like cars, planes, like she gets really carsick still, so weren’t really excited about that. So we had said, Okay, we think we’re gonna leave her home. And what happened was, when we said we’re going to leave her home, she was okay with that, because she didn’t really want to go. But the thing was, she wasn’t okay with she really didn’t want me and my husband to leave. So she wanted, she’s like, You all can go, but like one of you can go. So I want you to be listening to the story and just how it ramped up for her from the context of this is what your brain is doing. inside of us. We all have the zero to seven year old that formed the subconscious mind, all the beliefs, everything was installed. So everything she’s dealing with right now, most of us are still dealing with and less, you’ve already come to our one of our week long trainings, and you’ve rewired your subconscious mind, or you’ve done it with another practice so that you actually have different ones. If you haven’t gone to do that, then you probably have the ones that were installed zero to seven. And so it’s just such a great example of the brain pushing back because he or she is so this is what she started with. She started with bartering and reasoning. She said, You know, well, you could go or daddy could go, but you can’t both go. Right. So she was reasoning. And then she was explaining to me how she knew you know, Mama, she said, I’m sure you’ll have such a good time. And like Louis, great to see your friend get married, she said, but is it worth it? All that travel? All that driving going on a plane? She said, is it worth it? Right so she’s, she’s an amazing human.

Dr. Alex Golden  

I am also popping in to share a bit about our sponsors and needed as in this is needed.com to if you follow the link in the show notes, you’ll be able to check out their products and get 20% off with the code zesty but about them so needed as a company that is that was created and thought of by two women. So like Megan and I and we relate a lot to their story of looking around and realizing things like oh my gosh, there’s so many people, especially women of reproductive age who are on things like multivitamins and prenatals and stuff and get when we do testing 97% of people and this is across the across literature have nutrient deficiencies. Why is the formulation like this? Why is this happening? What is occurring? And more importantly, what can we do about it? And that question is what the answered with products that have been researched to be formulated with the forms and the amounts and the quantities of things that can be utilized by the body in an efficient manner in a way that actually gets to the end result without causing problems along the way and so that’s what they were looking at and so we really really appreciate their products they have everything from a multi to multi probiotic options and even a men’s line and specifically if you are reproductive age age as an you know, you want kids or you have kids, or your have grown multiple and are recovering, and then all of those people will find the line very, very applicable to them. But even if that’s not you, they absolutely have products. So check those out. We’re super grateful for the sponsors. We’ve been using the products ourselves as well and we’re really really loving them. So back to the show.

Megan Blacksmith  

And so went from that and I kept being like yeah, we’re gonna go to this wedding and yep, you’re gonna stay with grandma and yep, you’re gonna be okay right just kind of reassuring her and as I just stayed steady she she ramped it up so she went from like the bartering and just kind of explaining to me why, you know, one of us can go and then why is it worth it? And then she moved to the begging just like believe don’t go and she went into full like full begging. I was like, oh boy. Okay, she’s really she’s really going for this one. She’s pulling out all the stops. I was like, Okay, we’ve moved into bagging. Alright, so started with bartering and reasoning, and now moved into bagging. Anyone else? Can anyone else relate to this? You’re about to do something to transform her life. You’re about to join a program, you’re about to hit go on being live on Instagram, you’re about to write that book, right? And then you get the bartering like, maybe, maybe start tomorrow? Just let’s do it a different day, you know, are you really cut out for this? Right? I mean, other people just work for people? Do you really need to start your own thing? Like, is this right? So you can start to hear this stuff coming in. And then the begging and I have been in this have been in this part of business, it’s happened two times really, really deeply where I’m like, I don’t know if I can do this, right? This is this deep, like, this is her please don’t go. And then she moved to the to the biggest pushback phase. And that was the guilt. She went fully in for the mom guilt. She said, You know, you know, Mom, if you go when I’m asking you not to go, then that means you love them more than you love me. Oh, my heart, right. And I knew what she was doing. And I knew what her brain was doing. And I knew she was going to just throw that all out there. Who can relate to this though, right? When you’re going to do that thing that would transform your life, you would going to do that thing that’s going to be different. It’s gonna be different for the first time. And then now you you, you throw in the guilt, that subconscious mind comes in with it. Yeah, but we need the money for the family. How dare you focus on yourself? Right? Whatever it is, what is the thing you’re gonna guilt yourself about? Or for me, it’s like, if you’re changing a habit, and you’re like, Yeah, but this is like, the only thing I do. That’s not good for me, like, how dare you change that, Megan. So as his ramped up, I was just like, oh, my gosh, this is what my brain does, every time I go for an uplevel. Every time I go for a transformation, I go through these steps. And I’m watching her go through the steps real time. And I was able to stay completely steady. And you want to know why. The reason I was able to stay completely steady with her is that I know she has resources. Okay. And that is the reason why I am able to stay completely steady with myself, when I’m making a big purchase, when I’m doing something new. When I’m jumping out when I’m putting myself out there when I’m changing. I know I have resources. I know things may be uncomfortable, I’m very aware of that. I move towards them because I know I have the resources. And I knew she had the resources. So as many of you know, we have a whole seven step framework. And that’s going to be a part that is a part of our transformation accelerator program that’s open to join now. And I have taught her this framework. You know, I didn’t sit her down and say these are the seven steps. But we do these in our life. They are a part of our life. So I knew that she had tools. I knew that she had the power to calm her physical body, one of our steps parasympathetic. I knew that she knew how to do tapping. And we got on the phone with her the night, one of the nights and I did a whole hypnotic story for her. I used hypnosis and walked her down this amazing status set of stairs and to where she was getting very, very sleepy. And she tapped on her body while she did it. Right. She used her resources. She took deep breaths with me. We had a process and I had said to her before I leave hay when this comes up, so I was not saying to her, this won’t come up you’ll be fine. Right? Who does that to themselves? That’s like saying, Hey, you’re gonna go into doing something totally different. But don’t worry, like nothing will change. Is it different? Or will nothing change those? Those don’t make? Those don’t go together. Right? We’ll have people say like, oh, the program didn’t work. And what they and what they’re what they actually meant was like too much stuff came up. And we’re like, Well, did it not work? Or did too much stuff come up? Right? So the too much stuff coming up is a matter of having the resources to handle it. If something doesn’t work, and I’m doing air quotes, if it doesn’t work, then that is different. That would essentially mean nothing shifted. Right? The push back Back, that we get like the pushback of like, I’m in fear, I feel different. That pushback is how we know it’s working, the confusion, the irritation, the frustration, those are all signs it is working. And it may be working so well that the brain is kind of going, Ah, things are different. But watch for that watch for that in your own brain. And do you have the resources? Do you believe you have the resources, because if you don’t believe you have the resources, then when you start to get that feeling, you will retreat. And that doesn’t work? Well for transformation. If we retreat every time, we start to feel a little bit of the squeeze, because the squeeze is right before all the good stuff, the squeeze and before we get to the other side. So went through the process from my daughter, we use the different steps with her. I know she has the beliefs and I want her to have the believes that she is powerful. She is resourceful. She is loved. She is okay if I’m not there. Because what were the choices here, the choices were not go on the trip, because she’s given me some pushback, or go on the trip and make sure she’s resourced. Right. Make sure to secure that belief. And it was super cute. cool to see. Because first night, she had a really hard time she called me we did all the things, whatever. And then the next day, I got a text from my mom being like, Okay, we don’t need to talk to you today. Paige, she says she had a great day, she has a plan for tonight, she had come up with a plan for how she was going to calm herself down, and how she was going to know she was safe. And she was using her own tools. So the first night she kind of did a little pushback of like, Wait, can I do this? And I was there to support her. Right? These are the tools you use. These are what you bring in. And then night two, she’s like, I got this, Mama. And then might night three and four. She’s like, I didn’t even cry today. And now she’s proudly telling me like, I’m totally good. I’m good without you and daddy, right? Like, I’ve got this. That’s the process we see that our brains go through. And it’s so, so, so cool. So what we were calling on you is when you feel that squeeze that push back, we want you to resource up, we want you to lean in and say I can handle this what just what resources do I need. It’s all about having the resources for that. For us. That’s the steps for us. That’s the certification, the progress, the processes that we teach you so that you have them in the moment, so that you know how to shift a belief so that you can rewrite your subconscious mind that you can identify them that you know what words are coming up with you and over and over? And how can you identify what that actually means as far as your beliefs, we want you to be able to do that in the moment. We want you to be able to shift it in the moment and have the tools for you. Clients, your family. Right. So next time, you’re going for something big, just just watch yourself, do you go into barter mode do into bag mode, you guilt yourself, do other people, other people might also be worried about your transformation. So we can be there and we can be a calm space for their brain. It can be a calm space for their, for their mind for their heart can just be there be steady me like, yeah, transformation is scary. And we have all these steps to go through, right? And it’s important that we actually go through all right, well, we don’t want to bake a cake and stop at the flour and the sugar, and then just say you know what, I’m I’m not going to do the egg step. And I’m not going to do the baking step. And then be surprised when it’s just not that delicious. We asked you to continue through the whole process. If you’re going to join us for our transformation accelerator program, our 12 week group, we do ask you that you finish the process, we ask you that you go through the whole thing. There’s a reason for the order. There’s a reason for the way it goes. There’s a reason that certain things are at certain weeks because we know the process in the brain and the pushback and we know when it’s coming, and we know when to lean in as long as you do the next thing. Yes, that we can’t do for you. We can provide the steps you can release resources and you have to be the one to do the thing. Okay? We want that for you want you to do all the things. We want you to have all the things do all the things be all the things. This is our amazing structure to leadership, to abundance to having people resources things when we need them. And we lean on these. This is a never ending process. This isn’t a year done after the seven steps, this is the seven steps are with you for life. And then something new happens because you’re a new human with a new identity and a new level. And we want that for you. To us, you’re you know, you’re either grow what Tony Robbins I think says you’re either growing or you’re dying. So you’re, we love transformation. And we do believe humans are constantly wanting to grow. So we can just choose if we go towards what we want, or if we choose if we just avoid what we don’t want. Either way, we’re doing stuff we’re growing. And we want that for you. Okay, so come join us, we would love to have you just reach out support at becoming zesty.com. If you have any questions, we have people who are happy to talk to you, we can answer questions via email, whatever it is that you need, we are here for you. And for those of you who followed along in our success here series, please share all your wins, please tell your brain what you did. And thank yourself, pat yourself on the back. It’s really, really important to us to celebrate what’s happened so far. So we will see you all soon. Either in the program on the next podcast, even maybe, maybe live I don’t know, we’d love to see you or wherever we see you. So have a fabulous day. We have some exciting news. Doors to the next round of our signature transformation accelerator program are opening soon. Our 12 week virtual group program teaches you the exact seven step process that we use to reach any goal from optimizing your health all the way to reaching a goal in our business or manifesting a dream lake house. And here’s an amazing transformation story from one of our participants.


And the thing that I took away from my Level One was the whole lot of skills and great business. And I had my biggest launch of my best program I’ve ever had. But the thing that I learned in this entire process was how to receive to be worthy of asking for help, and to put power back on other people to know that they have the right to tell me yes or no. And if they say yes, I’m going to hold that with so much love, and that they are honest and trustworthy people just like me. And that empowerment has changed my life, it will never be the same. So if you’re struggling with leaving your family, if you’re struggling with relationships with significant others, or even just a relationship with yourself, this process led me to look at a lot of things. And with a little bit of play and the right intentions and the right timing when life squeezes at just the right time, you might find that you can find an ability to receive love, and actually trust that love in ways that you never did.