You Are The Average of the 5 People You Spend the Most Time With

Yes, you may be unable to get rid of certain things in your life (like your kids) but you can always add amazing people.

In this episode, you’ll hear Megan on the similarity of what successful people do applies in the health space too –  Meal planning, prepping, batch cooking can feel like then you won’t have the freedom or it will take too long, but it ends up saving you time.


  • Melinda – @DoctoredLocks – Find Your beautiful.  Creating a new level of confidence with hair extensions. She claimed to be Skeptical of a bit of my woo woo, and ended up with the title of being  woo adjacent, or one woo, not full woo woo which we had a ton of laughs about 
  • Amanda Walker – @awalkmyway Has the podcast and brand Feel amazing Naked, helps women feel good in their bodies, nourish and move in a way that feels good instead of deprivation diet culture y We are on the same page in the health space in So many ways that it is refreshing with a huge focus on mindset
  • Terra- @terrabohlmann – business strategist founder of the business map method.. her home page says “I will led you my business brain if you give me an open mind”, lovels to travel. She is going to help us be more official, add the actual business support that 2 girls making things up as they go will need
  • Sam Eng- @msenginaction –  master of public relations, social media and brand mangement – also about to help us in a huge way so we can stay connected with and reach more women.

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