Accelerate your transformation in an effective, lasting, and purposeful way

We’re here to provide you with all the tools you need to fast-track your transformation and better serve your clients!

Accelerate your transformation in an effective, lasting, and purposeful way

We’re here to provide you with all the tools you need to fast-track your transformation and better serve your clients!

Are you feeling stuck?

Do you feel like nothing you do seems to be working yet you’ve tried everything?

You want to feel healthier, stick to your habits, and build a life that is aligned with what you want and who you’re meant to be, but you just can’t?

You wish your clients could stick with your programs and be able to create lasting changes?

Here’s the truth: If the methods you’re using aren’t getting you the results you want, you probably haven’t tried everything… or you aren’t approaching your transformation in the most aligned way.

You’re focusing on what you should be doing without taking the time to evaluate what you WANT to be doing and what life you actually WANT to be living.

We’re here to bring you the tried and tested (a thousand times over) unconventional method of accelerating your transformation and making the changes last.

If you’re ready to…

We can help you get there! 

All of this is possible.

And we’re here to provide you with the support, education, and resources you need to transform your life using methods that actually work so you can build the life that you deserve.

The question is, are you ready?

Change and transformation can happen quickly when you have the right tools behind you.

Let us equip you with everything you need to truly thrive. To achieve great health, a strong mindset, and true success.

Our 2-day in-person event for leaders, coaches, and practitioners who want to learn our best-kept secrets for fast-tracking their transformation.

This 2-day event is all about discovering your personal blueprint for success, whatever that looks like to you!

By getting out of your environment, you are able to change habits and shift neural pathways really quickly. This is why we host this 2-day event in person, so you focus on creating instant transformation in your life.

This event is for you if…

Real Results from Past Attendees

“The weekend was amazing! So many ah-ha moments… the biggest was understanding how to work with my subconscious mind to remove the obstacles and blocks holding me back so I can move forward and reach my goals.”
Binamrata Bhandari (Bini)
Certified Health Coach
“When I went to the training, I was stuck and overwhelmed. My confidence was low. Being a part of this amazing group of women made me feel so empowered and inspired. Using the tools I learned has changed my mindset and I have released the insecurities I was feeling. I can now see a clear picture of the future I’m creating for myself and my family. It was a life changing experience for me!”
Gulshan K Channa
Integrative Nutrition Health Coach

Our powerful 7-day in-person certification training to certify and empower you to work with others on their own transformation.

Successful people have certain patterns, strategies, and languages that they use and speak outwardly. They use all of their senses to paint a picture of the life they want to live, which enables them to achieve it.

We teach you how to do this for yourself and your clients by going beyond functional medicine and combining it with subconscious reprogramming and NLP. We will teach you practices like hypnosis and quantum time techniques to help you accelerate your client’s results.

90% of what prompts us to behave and respond in the ways that we do comes from subconscious beliefs. The key to successful transformation lies in knowing how to change these subconscious beliefs- and all of the complex emotions that can arise from doing so- and this is exactly what we’ll teach you over this immersive 7-day certification course.

What you’ll gain over the 7 days:

Are you ready to finally have tools to break through your own limiting beliefs as well as your clients to get amazing health & financial results without adding more work to your plate?

“Within 4 Months of Level 1 Certification, I had my first 20K month and was working LESS.”
Dr. Kirstin Lauritzen
High Performance Coach for Athletes, NW Functional Medicine
“Clearing Negative Thought Patterns Led Me to Empowerment”
Sophie Shephard
Founder and CEO of She Talks Health

12-week virtual group program is designed to accelerate your personal transformation.

In order to transform, you have to have the courage to be authentic, and the way that you do is to build resources to support you along your journey.

Our 12-week group program is here to teach you the 7 steps you need to accomplish any goal for your business or any personal goal.

And the beauty of this process is that these 7 steps can be used to help you achieve any goal you set and do this with ease.

During the 12 weeks you’ll be surrounded by other incredible people who are dedicated to transforming their lives, receive a step-by-step program to follow, attend weekly live training and Q&A sessions, and get direct support from both of us!

This program is for you if…

Are you ready to accelerate your personal growth in just 12 weeks?

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